Parental Epiphanies

By the time I had my first child, I really did not understand the words PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY." I knew I was pregnant and regardless I had to "provide." Providing to me means the physical needs of a child. At 23 I thought I had it in a bag. Apply for food stamps, WIC, Housing & … Continue reading Parental Epiphanies



Working  on a blog explaining  the fleshly and spiritual differences. I have learned to separate the two and become a better individual. Due to my fleshly desires, I  wounded my heart, soul, mind, and foundation. I entered into relationships without my SPIRIT. Allowing my flesh to take precedence over my Spirit has led me into … Continue reading MY FLESH & MY SPIRIT

Business Administration

Hello Readers! Business Administration is very important to me opening a business. Learning why administration is so important to a business is also a guide for your personal life. So, What is Business administration? Business administration is the core and the foundation of any business. A business administrator is responsible for leading and managing … Continue reading Business Administration