Products, Services, & Marketing

Hello All!!

Well we have decided that opening a business is actually not so bad. We have developed ways to write a start-up company business plan. We’ve provided tools and information that can successfully keep the business plan growing and potentially shopped around for investment opportunities.

Now we want to address in detail the products and services you will provide for your company. But of course with products & services, you have marketing. Let’s stay on track!! And start with providing information to providing great services for your product. Later we will add marketing, which to me, is the EXCITING!!! part of having a business.

Products & Services

Now that you have the name of your business, your website,  and social networking, you want  to begin outlining the services you will provide. For me, knowing what services I wanted offer in my product is how I began designing my plan for the products I would provide.

Peace, love, joy, and comfort has become my biggest aspiration in life. Combining my love for the ultimate spa experience at home has always been my dream. NOTE: Always write down your thoughts no matter how small. Everything is useful in the end.} Once, I obtained a general purpose for a great online shopping experience, I began to research and follow internet sites pertaining to my service description. Holistic, spa, and pedicure inquires led me to aromatherapy oils for soothing relief of migraines or just to simply relax. Now as you can see my products fall into place with my services. With the pedicure socks, I wanted to offer a specially blended scrub, exclusively for my online store. Determining from the beginning that my products would be natural, I enlisted a small business owner who is in business & selling natural sugar scrubs, soaking products, and so much more. IamHer Spa Zone is in negotiations to feature the scrub on my website. Last but not least IamHer Spa Zone will also drop a small bracelet that promote energy & health. The bracelets will be exclusive and hand-made by my personal jeweler.

Let’s recap the products and services as it would appear in the business plan:


Pedicure socks, sugar body & foot scrubs, aromatherapy oils, & energy & health bracelets. To keep your mind in gear, I also outlined the services each of the products would provide.

Services: To provide and promote comfort, peace, and tranquility for all women. 

Company Description (bonus)

IamHer …A feeling within…Embracing your achievements, goals & accomplishments!

Now Let’s Get into Marketing. Marketing at first seems scary. And it very well can lead you to be frantic. I have assumed marketing was JUST NUMBERS. No Way! Marketing is advertising and finding new ways, tools, and apps, to get your product out. Having fun with your product is how you learn what looks good. There will some things that will be okay in the beginning of business, that you will change as business increases.

Marketing can seem expensive as well. Being creative with the apps on your cell phone will be great to start-up. Experiment! Take a lot pic’s! Use different apps to change, edit, and modify the features. Of course, I have some examples. We will save those until the very end. You save money at first. It also triggers ideas that actually cost monies. Eventually you will have time for that.

With Marketing comes promoting your product. This is where the fun REALLY begins! During this time, you can create slogans that promote and encourage individuals to shop on your site. This can done through social media sites. Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and many more. As your company grow, you will see the need to add numerous social sites. Audience targets would be a need for multiple sites. Marketing is your ideas, where you want to see product sale. Its your creation and your dream. GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE! And of course give it what you can afford.

A few marketing ideas I have used at home:

Paid for post click-through Facebook. (inexpensive tool)

Upload profile pictures with the edit feature. (filter)

Pic Collage for group product pictures

Post positive quotes & healthy drinks

We also show we can have nice quiet adult get away!

Check out some of our pics below!! You can also check us out @Facebook: IAmHer Spa Zone for an up close view. You can also give us a Like in support of Small Businesses.

Thank You In Advance! And I hope you enjoy!

Sugar Scrubs are owned and produced by Karolyn Kato Huddleson

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One thought on “Products, Services, & Marketing

  1. Hello Aisha,
    Your business model seems really sound and organized. I really like the methods in which you market your products as well. Good luck in your future businesses and keep us up to date on this blog if possible so we can see your progression.


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