A Business Plan

 Article Link  (click)  This article addresses rewriting or revamping your business bio.

Your business biography is much like a resume. It should describe who you are, what you are looking for, how  you got to where you are, why you can be trusted, and what you share in common with others.


A Business Plan is thought process of ideas that you would like to see come true. A business plans etches out all the ideas and help you eliminate unnecessary ideas. Seeing it on paper makes the process a reality. MAKE IT YOURS! ITs ABOUT YOUR BUSINES!!

Write, Doodle, & Jot down every idea that you think about from the first day of business to the last WRITE,DOODLE, JOT!!

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WRITE, JOT,&  DOODLE down every idea you think of from the start up process to the close of business. WRITE, JOT, DOODLE


Writing a business plan is not difficult. the approached used to write a resume or a business bio, can be applied to a business plan. You can add topics, headings, or sections as you build. You want to have a master copy & and an easy to read copy. This copy includes charts, financial projections, start-up costs, exit strategies, legal counsel/advisement; copies of contracts, etc. Your second copy is a “lighter version”.  It should be light on information and include links to find information.  Make sure to ALWAYS have the master copy on hand at request.

We all know the format and grammar are the biggest flaws we all face. When writing a business plan:

  • Get right to the point and be direct
  • Know what you what in your business
  • Know how you will obtain it
  • Marketing & Advertising

A business plan is your ideas, your costs, your revenue. You must give detailed information for potential investment or marketing partnerships. Or maybe you would like to receive a loan. A business plan would give the lender a insight on your plans for your business. So go ahead!! TELL THEM WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU WANT BUT MOST OF ALL TELL THEM HOW YOU PLAN TO ACHIEVE IT!!!


4 thoughts on “A Business Plan

  1. Aisha,

    I really enjoyed your blog! It contained very important and useful information on a great business plan. I liked that you incorporated bullet points with key points. After reading your blog I feel like I can build a business plan if it was needed. This post was very detailed and it was interesting to read. I am interested in the medical field so before reading your wonderful post I had no idea how to begin a business plan. So thank you for this detailed and informative post.

    Good job!


  2. Hi Aisha,
    I like the set-up of your page! Sounds like you have had many great experiences! My hats off to you, being a mom, and going to school is tough. I found your blog to be quite informative and useful. By brother is starting his business and I am pretty sure he could use some of the information you provided in your blog! Thank you again. I look forward to reading more from you!


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