This journey has been a long one. I began my quest for owning a business through watching my son perform. The ambition I have acquired has not stopped there. The purpose of me starting and owning a business is also lesson to my children. I want to fuel the fire for them to work and report to themselves. I follow blogs that encourage teaching the younger business how to own, operate, and have a successful business.

I currently have one small business. Due to learning more about the process, this business is being revamped with the current business. To get this business up and running, I have met with a Small Business Administration Representative to get advice and links for networking events. I also created an email and a website for the current business. I had part of a name for my business. When I created the website and domain I was able to fully grasp a name for the business I desire. EXCITING!! I have started to get my creative juices flowing for the concept of my business. The business cards have been designed and ordered and I am excited to see what they will look like.

I also discovered that through vista print, I am able to do a lot of personal marketing for my brand. The site creates T-shirts, pens, personalized card holders, calendars, etc. I am now in the process of creating a logo, getting a patent, and designing the website with the logo. After I receive my official logo, I will have matching business cards. I have little things here and there to add, adjust, and delete. OH HOW COULD I FORGET, SQUARE OFFERED A FREE CARD READER WITH MY VISTA PRINT ORDER!!!



So far the process has been fun, educational, demanding, but very uplifting and motivating at the same time. I am now thinking of all the products and services I can offer under my new found business name!!!!

My mentor has given me a list of items to do daily and check them off as I go. I sometimes take things to literal. Some of the issues I have ran into is that it will take longer than a day to do a website. Research is needed to complete a successful functioning website.

I attempted several investors for this project. Due to personal connections to this project. I have decided to proceed without any partners. Once I have designed the site and officially started the sale, the partners can be brought back in. The purpose of this process is responsibly acquire a partner and investors under legal guidance. (Too much stress at the moment and too many opinions for a small start-up business)

I have been following blogs and taking notes on things I will be posting in the near future. I intend to keep the blog after the semester to help me get through difficult decisions and have healthy conversations on ways to adjust, improve, and grow as business.

Starting a business is a huge life adjustment. I have learned that you have to run your life like your business. Being healthy, grounded, and spiritually evolved will help any journey in life. As a small business owner, my goal I to obtain peace through my business. I have begun to adjust my life and business together as one. Cross training myself in maintaining the two has been a long but fun process. I JUST NEED MORE TIME IN A DAY!!!


4 thoughts on “START UP PROCESS

  1. Wow I give props to you for having such confidence in being able to open up your own business, that’s a very hard thing to do and it’s great that you are also doing it to encourage your children, I think they will appreciate that you are doing so great in starting up your own business. I really liked that you put in your blog how you are getting help and every detail of what you are getting help with, it really helped me get into the depths of opening up your own business and how much work it is!!


  2. This was interesting to read because my blog is also about small businesses. I used to want to own my own small business someday but I have realized that it is more work than I think I would be willing to take on. So I envy your commitment into owning your own business!! It definitely takes a certain kind of business to be able to be motivated and stay on top of everything. What you said about your business and your life becoming one is definitely understandable because I know owning a business takes up so much time. I look forward to reading more of your posts and hearing about how your business is going!


    1. Thank you for your comments. nd I look forward to you reading more about my journey. No it is not easy and yes dedication a lot of it. Yes so far I have had long nights. But honestly, every step I take, no matter the day or the time spent, the feeling of the finish product is absolutely amazing. So I encourage you to pus you beyond the limits, you may fall in love with it like I have.


  3. Hello Jillian,
    First of all I want to congratulate you on your first business, I know its a tough and challenging start but as we all know it is just the beginning but it will be worth it. Great job on all the research and suggestion you did before venturing into your business. Best of luck and more power to you and your business.


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