First blog post

Hello  I am Aisha Hayes and today I will be introducing myself as well giving you a briefing of my background along with my plans to use my degrees.

I am a single mother of two inspiring to own a small business. The lesson in owning a business is to create the concept of working for myself and also laying a foundation for my children. I have an AAS in Business Management. My passion to successfully launch my son’s career as an artist. He has been performing professionally since he 5 years old. I would love to continue my business in assisting him but adding at least two additional small businesses.

I am diving into world of Pedicure Care and I am excited to include you in my journey to the top. On the this blog I intend to inform you on my experiences of getting the businesses running properly.  I also intend to encourage and inspire you daily.

Thank you for reading!

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Aisha Hayes


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